Published: 2017/09/26 Reading Time: 2 minutes

I'm Heading to Zeek Interactive

I'm excited to announce some news: I'm joining Zeek Interactive! Normally, this kind of announcement is short enough to go on Twitter. However, the job transition will likely effect what I focus on, side-projects, and this blog. I'm sure there are a few questions, so let me do my best to give a brief explanation to each:

Who is Zeek Interactive?

Zeek Interactive is a small boutique agency based out of California. Since 1995, Zeek has been solving complex and difficult problems for clients large and small using two main technology stacks: WordPress and mobile iOS apps. I will join Zeek Interactive as a full-stack software engineer, focusing on WordPress and also web application development. Thankfully, Zeek is remote-friendly, so I'll be able to relocate to Boise as planned. I get to start October 9th, and I'm beyond excited for the opportunity to join such an amazingly talented team.

What Happens to this Blog?

At the moment, I'm planning on keeping this blog intact — however, the delivery method may change. One of the reasons why I'm excited about joining Zeek is the open-ended approach to solving problems. We don't box ourselves into a particular framework or tech stack (although we tend to focus on a couple). With that in mind, I am planning on revamping my blog to reflect this new paradigm. Currently, I'm unsure of whether to use GatsbyJS as my blog engine, or simply as a static build tool for a WP backend. Ultimately, I'm undecided but excited to explore other ways of delivering my content in a more accessible manner (think progressive web app architecture, possibly serverless). That being said, this probably won't happen until next year. Until then, feel free to stick around (though I may not be posting much). If you have any questions about my transition away from StudioPress, you can email me directly. As a parting note on this topic, there are a few people I want to publicly thank for the professional and personal friendships I cultivated with them during my time at Rainmaker Digital. Brian, Rafal, Jen, Lauren, Jessica, and Tony: you all are amazing co-workers and managers. You all will be dearly missed, although I'm sure we'll stay in touch throughout moving forward. If you don't follow these people, do so post haste. ;-)