Published: 2018/01/24 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Try Something New


In January of 2018, I moved my blog over to Gatsby. Gatsby is a static site generator built with and on top of ReactJS, the popular user interface framework built by Facebook.

As a long time supporter of WordPress, it was no surprise when I started getting emails (and unsubscribes) from my audience, worried sick that I was forsaking the WordPress community.

To be fair, I can understand why someone would assume this was happening — after all, WordPress is the greatest CMS on the planet...right?

Turns out, there are some concepts and benefits behind static generators, and decoupled CMS' like Contentful that emphasize flexible structured-content.

Just a few notes about these two technologies:

Static Site Generators

  • Insanely fast. My site has ~12 requests per page (compared to ~70 on most WP sites).
  • Nothing is generated on the server, meaning files are delivered upon request.
  • Almost nothing is generated client-side, which means very little parsing time.
  • Since everything is static, it's very difficult to intercept and hack incoming assets (man-in-the-middle). I also know very little about website security to explain that in more detail/accuracy.

Structured Content

  • Literally form your content the way you want (no more giant HTML blocks — unless you want).
  • Use your content anywhere.
  • Next time I switch delivery methods, I don't have to spend literally a week figuring out how to export and import my content accurately (post coming on that soon).

Try Something New

The point here, is to try something new. No, I don't hate WordPress (I'm building a lot with it right now, and it's still as powerful as ever—if not a bit inconvenient to wrangle).

I simply think it's good to stretch your legs, break the mold, and face new challenges. Moving over to Gatsby + Contentful was a major challenge, but I learned a lot about things along the way (even some Ruby!).

So, until that I get time to explain that process in detail, do yourself a favor: try something new. Anything.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash