Calvin Koepke.

The intersection of software and life.

When time presents itself, I learn new technologies by building side-projects. I try my best to maintain these, but sometimes they fall by the wayside. If you find one that is useful but out of date, just ping me and I'll update it.


A lightweight utility for managing global state and performing side-effects when it changes.

The underpinning of the Proxy-State is the Proxy Object (hence the name). However, setting this up can be labor-some and time-consuming, so Proxy-State acts as an abstraction layer on top of native APIs to make things easier.

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WP Gatsby Starter

I've always had a major hurdle starting Gatsby projects because the initial setup is so labor-some when pulling your data from a WordPress site. Plugins like gatsby-source-wordpress certainly make this easier, but it currently uses the REST API, and has a slow build.

Eventually, they will support WP GraphQL, and when that happens, I will switch this theme over to use it.

Regardless, setting up the styles, components, and overall architecture takes time. This project looks to join both the WordPress environment as well as the Gatsby project together.

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WP Tailwind

A minimalistic WordPress starter theme, based on Tailwind and PurgeCSS. If you prefer the utility-first CSS framework, this WordPress theme is optimized to only include the styles that you use in your markup, allowing for insanely small stylesheet bundle sizes.

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