Published: 2017/02/27 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Free Genesis Child Themes

Free Genesis Child Themes on GitHubYou might have noticed you no longer have a login to my site anymore, and the reason is simple:  I'm making everything public on GitHub , starting with my Genesis child themes. You can download all the free Genesis child themes by cloning the repository, or by downloading the repo as a ZIP file. If you're eager to contribute, I'm sure you can find some code that could use some cleaning up or refactoring. View the Repository on GitHubSo why did I move my Genesis themes to GitHub? The main reason I put my themes on GitHub was two-fold:

  • I wanted them to be free.
  • I didn't want to maintain a membership site.

"Free" Genesis Child Themes Should Actually be Free

You might be confused with the first point, since I labeled my Genesis child themes as "free" even before I moved them over to GitHub. To some extent, I'm separating hairs here. But simply put, nothing is free if it's behind a "free" membership wall. In todays world, privacy is everything. If you have to give me your email address in order to receive something, it's not free — you're simply paying by giving me access to your inbox instead of your wallet. This is all well and good and arguably more affordable than a monetary transaction (sometimes, it's not). For me, I simply wanted them out in the open and completely free. Open-source accomplishes that easily.

I Need to Focus on Learning

The second point is that I wanted to free up time to write on my blog (instead of manage a membership site). The difference is that I can quickly iterate versions of the theme without having to consider a "backend" for my readers. Besides that, I'm diving deeper into learning JavaScript. Devoting more time to learning that means I have to set other side-projects aside that don't push that goal forward. With that being said, I still have managed to get my Genesis Starter Theme on GitHub for you to download, along with some nice little updates like sourcemapping, error logging, and more. You can download Starter and read setup instructions here. Enjoy!