Published: 2017/03/02 Reading Time: 3 minutes

Top Developer Podcasts to Listen to in 2017

Top developer podcasts of 2017.This year I wanted to make a commitment to listen to more developer podcasts to help level up my development knowledge. These are a quick list of the top podcasts that I've landed on. I've put a quick synopsis for these developer podcasts in a small list (in no particular order) to give you an idea of what they talk about. I hope you enjoy and find these helpful!

Developer Tea

Developer Tea is part of the network, a group of super interesting podcasts geared toward a variety of fields. The one thing I love about Developer Tea is the down-to-earth and approachable attitude of the host, Jonathan Cutrell. If you're looking for an insightful podcast to listen to about things that a developer has to deal with on a day-to-day basis, then Developer Tea is a great place to start. Visit Podcast Website

JavaScript Jabber Podcast

Obviously, since I've started focusing more on JavaScript development, this is a no-brainer. The topics in this podcast spread across the entire JavaScript ecosystem, which I like and is good for developers. The dialogue is balanced and intelligent, and includes topics like which JavaScript framework to use, how experts first started in the field, better ways to learn, and more. The format is a good mix of interview-based, as well as panel discussions on specific topics. Visit Podcast Website

Software Engineering Radio

If you want to listen to some age-old wisdom, I feel like this podcast does a great job. Instead of being about a particular language or workflow, it's definitely more about engineering in general (as the name suggests). Get ready to enjoy some pragmatic advice from industry leaders at Microsoft, Google, and other titans of tech. The format is usually interview-based. One thing I should mention: the podcast sometimes is about stuff that don't relate to web developers in the traditional sense (think massive data structuring or system engineering). But there's enough relevant stuff to warrant a spot on this list. Visit Podcast Website

Changelog Podcast

In my opinion, Changelog is a good balance between JavaScript Jabber and Software Engineering. It leans more toward web application development (emphasizing more front-end technologies like JavaScript), but branches out to include more in-depth topics as well. The format is usually interview-based. Visit Podcast Website

JS Party

From the creators of Changelog comes JS Party, a podcast about — well, you might have guessed — JavaScript. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts, and includes a panel of 3 very awesome developers. If you like learning about JavaScript tools and patterns, while keeping up with new releases in the ecosystem, definitely subscribe to this one. Visit Podcast Website

ShopTalk Show Podcast

This podcast is by far one of my favorites, and is hosted by the well known Chris Coyer and Dave Rupert. As such, it focuses more on front-end development and best practices, but also includes occasional interviews for deeper study The format is very loose and fun to listen to, and includes forum-style questions that both Chris and Dave talk over and answer. Visit Podcast Website

Front-End Happy Hour Podcast

This is a great podcast for anyone looking to be exposed to new front-end technologies. The discussion is very panel-based, so it does offer some great conversation and varying opinions on current methodologies and workflows. My only caveat, however, is that it's not family-friendly (don't play it in the car when you're driving your kids around), and the alcohol-focus seems a bit over-the-top (the panel has to take a drink each time a pre-chosen keyword is mentioned). Also, the panel seems a bit lacking in terms of diversity (mostly employees from Netflix, Evernote, and LinkedIn). If you can get past these (admittedly small) issues, it's a great podcast and one I recommend. Visit Podcast Website

What Are You Listening To?

There you go — now go subscribe! Which developer podcasts are you listening to that I haven't listed? Put it in the comments for others (and me) to check out!