JavaScript Tools

Introducing Proxy-State

On a recent project, I needed to handle some global state and make sure a couple elements on the DOM responded reactively to any changes in that state. The temptation to reach for a library or framework like React is all-to-tempting a lot of the time — while it’s easy and familiar, loading a giant framework […]

JavaScript Software Patterns

Code-Splitting in WordPress

I’m sure you’ve been here before: you’ve just been assigned to this large project on a major client website. It includes a cohesive component-driven design system, and strives to reuse and inherit those components throughout the application. You think to yourself, “This is going to be great!” You open up your code editor of choice, and gleefully […]

Accessibility JavaScript

An Accessible Autocomplete Input

Recently on a project, I had to implement an accessible autocomplete input on a search form. Tim Wright suggested I used Accessible Autocomplete, and I’m glad he did because it’s pretty great. The library targets an element as its render wrapper. The benefit here is that it not only defaults to no dependencies, but also […]