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I remember about 5 years ago, I was building themes for StudioPress. I had near daily meetings with wonderful people like Brian, Rafal, and Lauren. That was the last time I worked on a product.

For the last 5 years since that time I’ve worked exclusively in client services. At first this was nice, but (like with all things) I began to get tired of the continuous rhythm of starting from scratch every time a new project came in.

At times this was beneficial, of course — but that’s only if I hated my current project. More often, a sadness would overshadow any excitement whenever a new project came along; mocking my effort to create something beautiful, only to hand it off to someone else.

That’s why, when reached out with an opportunity to build a large-scale application on top of WordPress, I couldn’t resist.

A True WordPress-Powered Application is many things, but most relevant to my area of expertise is the CMS portion. Hinging on countless comparisons that drive its value, prides itself on being the first in most emerging markets. Behind this effort is a massive publication team utilizing WordPress to independently drive engagement in their respective “niche”.

The bulk of my responsibility is to make this process as easy and seamless as possible, and the most obvious way at the moment is through custom Gutenberg blocks.

These blocks range form simple to complex, locally retrieving data as well as communicating with several external APIs to gather product, niche, and consumer data for comprehensive comparisons.

Beyond Gutenberg, Finder is exploring new ways to delivery dynamic content to consumers through headless architecture, with major upgrades coming down the pipeline to improve speed, interaction, and interoperability.

All of this makes me incredibly excited to work with such a talented team, and push WordPress literally to the bleeding edge of innovation.

What About This Blog?

Some of you may be wondering what is going to happen with this blog and why I can’t seem to update it like I keep saying I will. The truth is, I’ve learned by now not to actually say, because history has shown me that I really don’t know.

I do want to revamp it on Gatsby or Next, and begin either doing podcasting/videos or selling products/ebooks. But whether I have bandwidth or time for that, I have yet to find out.

In the meantime, maybe you can tell me what you’d like to hear or learn from me? Any comments will go a long way toward helping me decide.

Till next time!

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Hey Calvin!

I have always loved yours and the teamwork at StudioPress.

I’m excited to see what you build next with folks at [Because you’re building on top of WordPress].

Wish you the very best for this next adventure.

Keep Doing Good Stuff

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