5 Ways to Refocus Your Creative Energy

With the buzz of social media and the internet, it’s more important than ever for us as creatives to find our method of refueling when it comes to our daily lives, both work-related and personal. Here are just a few the ways that allow me to refocus:

1. Get Up Early

I struggle with this on a daily basis, but hey, doesn’t everyone? Maybe not, but I find that on the days I do actually roll out of bed before 7:00am, my creativity is sharper. Getting up before the rest of the world has a significant impact on your mindset for the day.

2. Make an Espresso

Seriously, if you don’t have an espresso machine, get one. There is nothing quite like taking 10 minutes to make a perfect cup of coffee.

Beyond this, it’s a completely different medium than web design, but it is also extremely artistic. Take your time to pack the grounds, froth the milk, and pour the shots. Let your mind get into the groove without actually thinking about you’re doing.

3. Read, Read, Read

Reading online doesn’t count. You need a tactile, able-to-smell-the-paper book to read, and one that is on a completely different topic than your day-to-day tasks. Try reading about history, or go for some fiction. Whatever it is, the pace of reading a book in your living room is significantly slower than the constant whirring of being online, and allows your mind to slow down.

4. Journal

Some might find this horribly boring, and that’s okay. It’s difficult at first to sit down with nothing other than a journal and a pen. You don’t know where to start or what to even write about, but it’s sure gives your mind a chance to express itself in words and without restraint.

Just write. 

5. Unplug

This can be done without getting off the computer all-together. There are many times when I just simply need to leave my phone in my room while I work, or I need to shut off all of my social services for the day.

This allows me to focus on creating, and generally there happens to allow more productivity…imagine that!

If you can’t do this during your work week (can’t see why you wouldn’t be able to), get away for a weekend and let nature teach you a lesson about what really matters.



  1. says

    Man, all solid advice, for number two I’ve just acquired a chemex. Its good coffee. Working on the internet certainly takes it toll so getting some rest is really needed. I also find getting out of the house with some friends is pretty key to recharging for me! – Cheers

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